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In molivi design studio, we believe the best results come from cooperation and client participation.

We approach each project with respect for the client’s needs and goals. We encourage clients to participate in every stage of our collaboration, from prototype to delivery. Together, we work closely on every detail to spark life into their brand.


We meet

In our first meeting, we get to know more about you and your business. We collect the necessary information, figure out your particular needs, and set your key goals. Then, we estimate the project’s timeframe and cost, and draft our proposal.


We research

Before we hit the drawing board, we do some in-depth research to learn more about your particular business, audience, and market. Based on our data, we devise the optimal strategy for meeting your needs and succeeding in your goals.


We design

Having laid the perfect groundwork for your success, we start designing the communication solutions that best fit your strategy. To secure the best results, we put all of our experience, creativity, and know-how at the service of your brand.


We create

In the final stages of our collaboration, we start bringing to life everything we have envisioned and laid out together. During production, we work hand in hand with our expert collaborators to make sure everything goes according to plan.