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We are molivi design studio, branding & design experts.

We create

We view every project as a fresh opportunity to share our love for what we do — to inspire and be inspired. Since our first handcrafted design (back in 1987), we have kept improving our skills and services and bringing our best game to every collaboration.


We collaborate

Experience has taught us to value teamwork and honest, fruitful relationships. In molivi design studio, clients are part of the team. We work with you side by side in every stage of your project to guarantee that our results will match your vision.


We deliver

Our team of experts is fully equipped and ready to meet the communication needs of any modern brand. Together, we visualize, design, and develop targeted branding solutions tailored to your audience and your strategic goals.

/Based in
Athens, Greece

We collaborate with companies of all sizes, startups, non-profits, and individuals from every industry and business sector.

Select Clients

Nespresso, Biologiko Xorio, Diana Shipping Services, Bee Cera, Koulourades, Monakrivo, Margarita VTC, Helmepa, Menarini Hellas, Eriza Organic Products, Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm, Syllogi Ploussou, Vioryl, Oino Shipbrokers, Logiscoop, Incommon, Gilead, Nestlé