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Bee Cera creates natural beeswax-based cosmetics inspired by mother nature. Their work is driven by their vision to offer a full range of protection and care products for beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin.

We were asked to manifest that vision into the company’s new branding, packaging, and promotional materials. The end goal was to highlight the Bee Cera products’ purely natural origins and make them stand out from the competition.

Our final design for the brand’s visual identity had a female touch, minimal looks, and pastel colors. We picked different hues for different products to make them instantly recognizable on the shelf. We used eco-friendly packaging materials (glass and wood) to underline the products’ natural roots and the brand’s inherent devotion to protecting the environment. To express the core brand message concisely, we came up with the tagline: “let your skin glow like nature.”

Based on the new look and feel, we designed a series of promotional materials to enhance the company’s physical presence in the B2B and B2C markets: 3D structures for pharmacy storefronts; stickers; stands; give-away boxes; tote bags; sample sachets, etc.

To establish a strong digital presence for Bee Cera, we designed a modern, UX-optimized website that lets visitors see and feel what the company stands for. Next, we created rich branded content for the company’s social media. The cosmetics were photographed under a recurring theme that changes every trimester, following the change of seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn). The objective was to maintain a consistent brand image across social media and make each post distinct within the user’s feed.

Packaging design
Packaging materials / bottle research
Art Direction
Molivi Design Studio-Bee Cera-bee cera 24hr hydrating cream and facial oil serum
Molivi Design Studio-Bee Cera-bee cera hydrating cream
Molivi Design Studio-Bee Cera bee cera stemcell serum and cream
Molivi Design Studio-Bee Cera-bee cera beeswax
Molivi Design Studio-Bee Cera-bee cera body cream

Τhe tagline we picked for the brand is “let your skin glow like nature”.

Molivi Design Studio-Bee Cera bee cera dropper
Molivi Design Studio-Bee Cera bee cera make-up cleanser, exfoliative cream and face mask