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ERIZA is a family-owned business in the field of packaging and distribution of organic food and cosmetics. The company’s products are made with pure organic raw materials grown by certified suppliers and free of any preservatives and other chemical additives.

We were asked to design the company’s branding from scratch (brand name, logo, packaging, etc.). The end goal was to create a powerful brand that speaks proudly of the ERIZA products’ most compelling feature: their pure, natural origins.

After extensive research, we picked the greek word eriza as the brand name. Eriza means close to the root, and we thought it would suggest respect for roots, literal (as in the life source of plant-based organisms) and metaphorical (as in our traditions and origins). It’s a brand name that embodies the brand philosophy, while paying tribute to the people that work the land to provide us with its finest produce.

For the brand logo, we went with a typographic approach, enclosing the brand name inside a strict square frame. We needed an image that would stand out on the packaging since we planned to give each container a different look and feel. That way, the logo would work as a link between all the products distributed under the ERIZA brand.

Next, we designed the product labels. We mainly used muted colors inspired by natural elements (the ground, the stones, the olive leaves, etc.) and distinct decorative patterns inspired by the containers’ contents (jalapeno peppers, olives, etc.). For printing, we chose a paper with a matte finish and a rough textured feel. We wanted our printed material to complement our earthy design and underline ERIZA’s eco-friendly, organic character.

Brand name
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Packaging design
Promotional materials design
Molivi Design Studio-ERIZA eriza organic sliced janapeño and olive tapenade
Molivi Design Studio-ERIZA-eriza organic olives
Molivi Design Studio-ERIZA-eriza organic tapenade and olives

We picked a brand name that pays respect to roots, literal and metaphorical.

Molivi Design Studio-ERIZA eriza organic mixed olives, tapenade and janapeño